7. Todmorden Open Studios 2018

Artists taking part in this year's Open Studios event have been asked to answer some questions about their work for the Tod Open Studios Facebook page. Here are my answers : What is a typical day/session like when you’re creating? The paintings in Todmorden Open Studios 2018 are inspired by a dream I had when... Continue Reading →

6. Inspecting the hydrogen bomb

On 3rd September 2017 North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bombs are considered much deadlier and more devastating compared to a standard nuclear bomb. If launched on any western city, thousands would die. This painting depicts North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspecting a hydrogen bomb and was inspired by the... Continue Reading →

5. Accompany.

I have continued to work with the themes of thresholds and transition. Several feelings come up for me when I think about transition such as uncertainty, unknowableness, chaos and fear, but I also get a feeling of openness to something new and unexpected. Abstract art seems very suited as a medium for giving creative expression to... Continue Reading →

1. Ways of working – how ideas gain momentum.

In these first posts I am going to describe the creative process leading to the production of artworks for “Accompany”, an exhibition scheduled for May and June 2017 at Creative with Nature Workshop and Gallery. The idea for this exhibition began with a semi-abstract painting called “To be Met” completed in January 2017. I made... Continue Reading →

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