5. Accompany.

I have continued to work with the themes of thresholds and transition. Several feelings come up for me when I think about transition such as uncertainty, unknowableness, chaos and fear, but I also get a feeling of openness to something new and unexpected.

Abstract art seems very suited as a medium for giving creative expression to this state of grappling with the unknown. Through it I can attempt to capture something not solid or clearly defined, but more nebulous and shifting. Something just beyond reach that can be alluded to with shape and colour and perhaps a hint of metaphor.

“Threshold” oil on paper 56 x76cm
Waiting to happen smaller
“Waiting to happen” oil on paper 50 x 65cm

The work resulting from this project will be on show at Creative with Nature Gallery and Workshop from 8th May to 28th June 2017. I’ll be giving an artist talk there on Tuesday 9th May at 7pm.

Screenshot 2017-05-03 09.31.48


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