7. Todmorden Open Studios 2018

‘Turquoise shape’

Artists taking part in this year’s Open Studios event have been asked to answer some questions about their work for the Tod Open Studios Facebook page. Here are my answers :

What is a typical day/session like when you’re creating?

The paintings in Todmorden Open Studios 2018 are inspired by a dream I had when I was about 6 years old. The dream had a quality of wonder and delight about it that was so vivid it is still with me. A harlequin figure beckons me over to a hilltop on which stand some large banners flapping gently, like sails, in the wind. They depict representations of sunlight and are made of many colours.

I often begin a painting with two or more colours in mind. I want to bring them together to see how they clash, vibrate or compliment each other. I sit in front of the painting, waiting for an impulse to form deep in my gut that will tell me what colour to use next and where to put it. If I’m lucky I get into a sort of zone where the ideas flow.

I work with sloshes, splats and dribbles to keep the process alive and spontaneous, but on the down side I never know how a painting will turn out or if it will ‘work’. Quite a few don’t, and this is time consuming.

Some paintings however seem to make themselves. They form in my imagination and then push to come out. While working, if my mind gets into a story about some incident going on in my life, I have to ask it to drop it and come back to the painting that is on it’s way, and I like to work in complete silence with no distractions.

What would be your dream location in which to see your work?

I would like to see my work hanging in public spaces such as hospitals, government buildings and prisons.



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